Who We Are

We are professors, pastors, leaders of church-related organizations, and laity all working together toward one purpose: to examine a theological teaching called Christian Zionism that is growing in the church today. We believe that this trend demands close examination and study.

We are followers of Jesus who believe whole-heartedly in the Bible, love the Lord, believe passionately in our faith, and are deeply concerned about this teaching in the church. We believe we live in a deeply political age. And many want to wed politics to our Christian faith and apply it to the Middle East.

This concerns us. We believe that when politics are joined to faith, as with Christian Zionism, alarms should sound.

We hope that this website will help other Christians navigate these currents and discover a new way to read the Bible and be faithful to Jesus in turbulent times. We want to be peace-makers in the Middle East. We are neither pro-Israel nor pro-Palestine.. We are pro-Jesus and all that He would speak into the world today.

We are the site's Editorial Board.  For suggested contributions, improvements, or constructive criticism please contact us (below).

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